Last night: 29 humbled by coker

At last night’s MUC mtg in the park several of us (with a wide variety of uni configurations) rode off through some single track and paved and (to use a term I just recently learned from another thread) zero track across a field. Generally flat terrain.

You can’t put Charles and his Coker next to me and my 29 without somebody pushing it a little faster, then a little faster, …

The Coker trounced me on all but one arena. In the woods, on the single track, I was more manouvreable and stayed on the wheel. He was continually remounting and therefore, falling behind. But when we cleared the woods and started out across the ball field, I was left behind with my sheepish grin. It wasn’t even close. In a 200 yard race, I lost by 100 yards.

Sincerely - hat in hand, Tom.

Dog bites man - no story.
Man bites dog - that’d be a story… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree though - once you wipe out on twisty single track, remounting the Coker can eat deeply into any speed advantage you might have over smaller unis, pedestrians, tortoises, snails…

Charles is a monster. I was lucky enough to ride Cokers with him when he was new to 'em- when I could slowly put on more speed until he’d UPD. Ahhhh, sadly, I think those days are past.


Charles UPDs plenty. They just don’t seem to bother him like they bother the rest of us. He spits out the twigs, hops on the beast, and is off like the wind.

If he would stay down longer, I’d be able to gain that increasingly elusive advantage.

BTW Chris, Charles is pedal grabbing the benches at the park now.