Last Muni - Speed singletrack

Video of me hitting up an XC track at the mighty K-Loop (RIP)

Dang you have good control at speeds, that trail looks like a blast!! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it. I liked the blooper audio effects as well haha.

dang that was one awesome muni vid!
for some reason the shaky filming made the video look good and fits the music well.
rise against is the best, tho something went wrong with the sound, sometimes it sounded weird.
The sound effects were awesome too!
great job!

Man, I think you’ve just brought me back to unicycling!

Awesome editing Dave, we have to film more muni from now on, I’ll film, you ride and edit.

Enjoyed it… especially the end…
Great how you managed to stay on your feet while taking at least three big pedalhits!!! :sunglasses:

k-loop looks like a sweet trail, nice and smooth and twisty, ever try it on a 36er?

Thanks for the comments. I have not ridden the track on a 36, but I have on a 29. The track gets super slippery when wet, which makes it even more fun.

Great movie… and the finish is extreme :smiley:
What I missed was some variety in camera movement… all the time it was like you come in, it follows you and we see you going away… I think even some stationary shot once in a while would help.

I agree. I’m keen to buy a beast camera and film some cable/zip line/flying fox shots like in the epic mountainbike films.

Terrific bails at the end!!!