Last Man Standing

Hey, last man standing is a game just like horse but with one trick. We filmed one yesterday, it was pretty fun and I did that pretty long edit!

Enjoy or not :slight_smile:

hehe… try that with 360 unispin… That’s hard!!! but it’s a funny game :slight_smile:

looked really fun, probably a good game for consistency

My favorite part was the crankflip.

yeah we did that too, but not filmed. It was in the video description but I guess most of you watch the video directly here.

It really is, you should try that with static tricks when you gather up some other unicyclists. That what thought about half way in the game.

hahahahaha! I laughed out loud on that one :smiley:

no really!:smiley:

I dont know why, that part wasnt that good. I thought the good part was the the crankflip.

I try to gather other unicyclists, but no one wants to try and those that do, dont care enough to actually uni. Life is a bummer.

Looks like a fun way to practice consistency.

Yeah. Especially with that many riders. I really wish I had a club or something around here. Or that people werent so stupid and afraid of the uni.

Indeed. I was surprised we were that much at the ride since it was just a casual ride with shitty temperature.

Awesome game idea :smiley:

Edit: I love Hugo

haha that was awesome

awsome game! gotta play next time im at a convention or watever. video was a bit slow tho, shouldve sped it up

This will become weird Chris…Wait for this summer to love me, you’ll atleast have a good reason.

Awesome edit Émile, that was fun.