Last Call for Unicon IX


Announcement of UNICON IX

See for details.

We are glad to see you this year in Bottrop, Germany, for the UNICON IX and we
hope with this event to make unicycling with ite$BATe(B different possibilities
( Racing, Artistic and Hockey) much more popular and to establish Unicycling
with the IUF

  • Rules in Germany. We hope, besides the original competitions during this days,
    that there will be a lot of opportunities to learn national and international
    from each other and interchange experiences.

All events are in a large degree with the IUF - Rules.

The registration ending is extended to 31.05.1998. For registrations from
01.06.1998 to 15.06.1998 you have to pay 20 DM handling charge for each
competitor. No registration afterwards the 15.06.1998! Besides the title
“Worldchampion in the age group” we are going on UNICON IX to start
Experts in the competitions of 100m, 400m, 50m one foot and walk the
wheel, the six with the fastest time start in Expert. Together with the
fastest from the 1500m races and the Obstacle, separated in male and
female, they get the title “Worldchampion of Expert”. So long yours DJK
Adler 07 e.V. Unicycle Section.

Some general advices and competition Rules The unicyles have to be in a clean
and mechanical perfect condition. Metal and basket pedals are principle not
aloud. In the sportshalls for the start are unicyles aloud only with light
tires. Clean not marking gym shoes are necessary. Also for all Races and for
Unicyle-Hockey, kneepads and gloves are duty, helmets are recommended. For
thefts, accidents, or other events of a claim the organizer accepts no

Age groups The age groups for Racing as well as for the Artistic competitions
are following: 00-10 years 11-12 years 13-14 years 15-18 years 19-29 years 30-39
years 40 years and up The six with the fastest time of the Races 100m, 400m, 50m
one-foot and wheel-walk are qualified for the Expert Races. Exceptions are the
group freestyle and the relay, there are only following age groups: -12 years 13
years and up If there are age groups with less than 4 competitiors, they will be
moved down to the next younger group or moved up to the next older group. These
Rules are for the Races as well as for the Artistics. For Unicyle-Hockey there
is no age limit.

Races The age group “0-10 years” starts with max. 20 inch ( Zoll) unicycles
(outside diameter of the tire max. 51,6cm or 20,3 inch, Zoll), with crank arms
at least 114mm length. The age group “11 years and older” starts with max. 24
inch," Zoll"-unicycles (outside diameter of the tire max. 61,8cm bzw. 24,3
inches, " Zoll"), with crank arms at least 125mm length. The Obstacle from the
age group “11 years and up” needs also 24 inch unicycles with crank arms at
least 125mm length. The crank arms in all age group Races are going to be
proofed by spot checks for the length. By Expert Races each unicycle will be
proofed for the right length. In the 1500m Races you must decide with the
registration wether you want to start in “1500m Expert” ( without
qualification) or “1500m in the age group”. We offer the following Races: 100m
400m 800m (up to 10 years)
1500m (11years and up) 1500m Expert 50m one-foot Obstacle 10m wheel-walk
(up to 10 years) 30m wheel-walk (11 years and up) 30m Ultimate
wheel backwards slow forward slow Gliding Coasting Marathon
Orientation race relay (up to12 years) relay (12 years and up)
Artistic (general)

Artistic (general) Changes in the Freestyle competition are not possible after
deliver the registration form. The Standart-Skill-Form must be delivered to
Christian Widlak latest on 27. July 1998. Following Artistic competitions are
carried out: competitionage groupExpert Juniorexpert (up to14 years)Expert (15
years and up) Standart-Skillxxx Individual Freestylexxx Pair-freestylexxx

Unicycle-Hockey On UNICON IX the unicycle Hockey is to play with tennis balls.
The Hockey sticks have to be in the way that they done$BCUe(B make stripes on
the floor. Each Hockey-Team has to bring two sets of different coloured
T-Shirts. The hockey-tournament is restrictedly on 32 teams. If there are more
than 32 teams who want to participate at the tournament there will be a limit of
2 teams for each association. If there are still more than 32 teams the order of
incomming mail will decide about the teamlist who can join the tournament.

Entry Fees 80 DM for each competitor 20 DM for each non-rider (includes entry
fee for all competition days)

Accomodation Besides the hotels and guest-houses in Bottrop, which have to be
booked privatly, we offer following accomodation: accomodationDM/day Massenlager
sportshall5 Massenlager school10 Jugendheim Rheinbaben15 Sportschule
Duisburg-Wedau with breakfast40 Breakfast5

For the large camps (schools and gyms) you must bring with you airbeds (lilo) or
isomats and sleeping-bags. There are no beds.

For sale for saleDM/piece T-Shirts (children size 152)15 T-Shirts (S, M, L, XL,
XXL)20 Poster5 result list (with postage)10

You have to pay in DM only together with your registration.

Organizer of Unicon IX 1998 Rita Platzcke-Widlak Me$B".e(Blenstr. 12 D-46238
Bottrop Tel. (02041) 689220 FAX (02041) 689234 Germany EMail:

DJK Adler 07 e.V. Bottrop, Abt. Einrad

Head of department Christa Hommen

Assistant head of department Christian Widlak

Webmaster: Guido Hornig

Copyright e$B%%e(B 1998 - DJK Adler 07 Bottrop e.V.

Regards, Jack Halpern Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society,
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