last call for Park City TV video from Moab

I’m going to delete the MMF2004 video from the temporary FTP.

If you want it you have 'till tomorrow morning to get it.

It seems that TinyURL doesn’t properly format an FTP URL that has a username/password in it so you may need to manually login to the FTP.

Here’s the URL that should work:

If that doesn’t work try:

then login as user:download password:download and go to the delete folder where you should find mmf2004_small.avi

if that fails then just give up and download any of the other great videos that are at



Re: last call for Park City TV video from Moab

It would appear the “delete” folder is already deleted…

It is there I just downloaded it, I had to ftp from the cmd prompt to see the deleted folder. It was worth it.

Mozilla is able to download the file from the given URL. It ended up in my Temp folder.

IE doesn’t want to download it. I think one of the recent security fixes may be preventing it from working. I think one of the recent fixes stops IE from opening up URLs with the @ sign in them. Scammers and phishers were using URLs like that to trick people in to thinking the URL was going to some place different than where it really went.

So if you have problems getting the file, try the Mozilla or Firebird browsers. Otherwise try a full fledged FTP program and input the password and directory manually.

Wow! that was really good! Its hard to get muni to look good on TV but they pulled it off. Is there some reason why this isnt posted in the gallery?

So John, any chance you can try to post this in a gallery? I only have IE on this computer (I know, I know), and am unable to download it from the FTP site.


I tried to post it to the gallery several times. It would upload completely but the resulting link in the gallery was broken (at least for me).

You can see the results of my attempt at:

I’m open to suggestions as to why the upload appears to succeed but the resulting link doesn’t work.


Dang it, Michael, I wanted that file and just now found this link to it at 10:00AM PDT (11:00AM MDT) so it’s still morning and there’s nothing in the delete folder. I was using WS_FTP and could get right in and find the delete folder but it was empty. Maybe I’ll try to get the file from JC.

This file has definately been squirrelly. When I tried to delete it this morning I couldn’t (permission denied?). Now when I look I also see that it’s gone. Weird.

Anyway, maybe JC will be kind enough to attempt to upload it to the gallery. I’ve set permissions on the gallery to allow JC to upload.

So, John how about it? Will you try and upload the file to the gallery? (



Please John Please. Don’t make us beg. Don’t make us whine.

I tried to upload it to my gallery just for kicks. The link was broken here as well:( . Isnt that odd.

I just uploaded a couple smaller videos a couple days ago without a hitch.

I’ll put the vid on my dinky little home webserver for a bit. I think my upload is only about 30K/s so you kids will have to share. 27MBs at 30K/s is gonna take a while.

I meant that i could probably get it on a CD-R from JC sometime when I see him.

Yeah, I think I heard him muttering something about being happy to burn CDs for all the Seattle area riders…

That’s a very nice idea ; however I’m afraid your server is down or unreachable at the moment :frowning:

ahhh, i forgot and turned my computer off when i went to sleep. Give it another go. I’ll leave my computer on all day, i promise. :smiley:

Once I get this I will post it in my gallery for all to view. Unless I get the broken link thing you are talking about.

AH it wont work for me too its there it just wont download i tryed the old way too but it froze. I’ll try it later tonight

Re: last call for Park City TV video from Moab

I was able to get it and, as a temporary measure, I uploaded it at the following URL:

This will last two or three weeks, until I need to free room for something else.
It is past 1 AM here and I need to sleep… please tell me in you can see it !

Finally managed to download it. Thanks mz!

What a great segment. Lots of footage of good riding, and a very positive spin on the sport.


That was an excellent, excellent piece! I’m so glad all of you went through so much effort to post it for us. I also finally got a download and it was great. I’d love to see it in higher-res as it’s a great way to show people what a group MUni ride is like, or what MUni is all about.