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>To: IUF Discuss <> From: Andy Cotter
><> Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 11:45:42 -0600 (CST)
>Here is an important update about the additional tours after Unicon X.
>I talked to Yuan, my contact in China, last night and found a major mistake in
>the price of tours that will happen after Unicon. The prices

>listed are per day and not the total price. This does not affect the Great

>Wall tour or the Summer Palace tour. As many people pointed out, the prices of
>the tours were too low. This became a concern and during multiple phone
>conversations I brought up the price to make sure they were

>correct. But, while the prices of the tours were rechecked many times, the

>language and culture difference prevented us from finding this error earlier.
>The prices for the tours are still a good deal as everything is

>included except for souvenirs. Here are the three major tours and their

>total cost.
>Here are the updated prices for the three tours listed in the registration

>form and schedule.
>1. Itinerary of Chengde. Three day tour. (August 11 to August 13) Cost per
> person: $75 per day for a total of $225 (includes bus, all tickets, lunch,
> dinner, three star hotel and guide)
>2. Itinerary of Luoyang - Xi’an - Guilin. Seven day tour. (August 11 to

>August 17) Cost per person: $64 per day for a total of $448. This price
>is good for

>10 or more people. (includes bus, all tickets, air ticket from Xi’an to

>Guilin, trian ticket from Beijing to Luoyang, meals, three star hotel and

>guide. Not included is the air ticket from Guilin to Beijing, Guangzhou,

>or Hong Kong)
>3. Itinerary of Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou. Six day tour. (August 11 to

>August 16) Cost per person: $58 per day for a total of $348. This price
>is good for

>10 or more people. (includes bus, sightseeing tickets, train tickets, meals,
>three star hotel and guide)
>There will be at least one more tour available.
>The starting and ending dates are not final and the group can decide to

>change the date as needed. Also there might be a discount for the tour
>depending on the final destination.
>For the tours, a discount is available if a child is under 11 and stays
>the same hotel room as the parents or guardian.
>I will be sending updated files of the registration form and schedule to

>the people who need them for distribution or the web sites.

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