Lars's REALLY long ride

Lars Clausen, he of the 6,000-mile (and counting) ride across the US,
answered a few Qs of mine.

We discussed the importance of getting enough food and fluids. And we
chatted about how often to change a Coker tire. I mentioned that I am on
mile 1,500 on my Coker tire and that it doesn’t have much life left. I
should also say that I weigh nearly 200lbs (it doesn’t help that as I type
this, an open bag of choco chips sits beside me) and ride with 55 PSI or
so. And I don’t turn much as I ride, or idle.

Lars anwered:
Congrats on your 102 mile ride! Doesn’t that feel great? Yes, at least for
me too, it is all about keeping the calories and the liquids going in. I
can really feel when I’m on the short end of energy. I tell people that
ride with me to eat LOTS. Some do. Some don’t. YOu can easily tell whos
doing what.

First Coker Tire was switched in South Dakota with 2300 miles on it as soon
as the first ply thread started showing.

Second tire was switched in Virginia with 3400 miles on it with more ply
thread showing. I didn’t want to risk a flat (haven’t had a single one on
this whole trip) but after taking it off I think I could have pushed it a
little further. I’ve been running 60 psi so I was getting a little worried
about a pop.

Third tire only got 700 or so miles on it before getting to Atlanta and
getting a whole new wheel from

John Drummond says he only gets about six hundred miles off his tires. He
does a lot of turning he says. He also has an unlimited supply.

Take Care. Enjoy your riding.

Lars and Anne Clausen

David Stone
Co-founder, Unatics of NY

whoa! thats incredible.

how about more on that seat, it looks beefy as hell!

I liked Jagur’s description of the seat as a “couch” the best.

It’s nice that we got some useful info from Lars. His ride was (is) quite an accomplishment.