Lars's Coker

Have you seen pix of Lars’s Coker. Looks like some cool mods.

Please note that the handles are on the BACK – an interesting idea. I
wonder how that got worked out. I have a feeling that he didn’t have much
time for trying out different configs – just went with something comfy.

Note that he seems to be holding a flashlight – I think I’d have tried to
get a mountable light.

All in all it looks pretty neat. Thoughts?


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Looks like lots of stuff on board. What I noticed is the size of the seat. It’s HUGE!

Re: Lars’s Coker

I don’t think that’s a Coker, though. Unless he’s a really huge guy.

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Re: Re: Lars’s Coker

oh its a Coker,its just hard to tell because that couch he’s sitting on dwarfs the big wheel.