Lars Trip South

1800 miles by unicycle. I guess that’s “nothing” compared to his double crossing of the U.S. but it’s still amazing. My newbie 11 year old and I (newbie too) met up with Lars and his family and about 35 others at a getogether in Thousand Oaks, California. That’s about 3/4 of the way from Vancouver to the Mexican border, his current trip.

The slide show and talk really gave a feel for being on the road. Outside, Lars and his kids (and, it turned out, my boy) gave quite a riding show. His 10 year old rode Lars’ backup Coker around like it was a 20 incher. It was a swirl of uniclycles. My 11 year old pleaded for a chance at the Coker, and proceeded to ride it all over the place. Great fun.

The tire on Lars’ main Coker (handlebar rig complete with pack) was worn down to the threads. He swore he hadn’t added air since Vancouver and was going to ride it til it blew or until he hit Mexico.

If you haven’t read Lars’ book yet, ya oughta have Amazon or someone send you one. I just finished it. A very good read. His website is

Santa Monica

When is he heading east, South East.:smiley: Guess I am going to have to get his book. I should have asked for it for my B-Day.

Thanks for posting. It’s great to read about the progress Lars has made on this ride, and his continuing connection with unicyclists as he goes.

Hard to believe he’s made it so far south. Seems like only last month we were riding with him in Seattle at the start of his tour.