Large wheeled unicycle questions

I’m pondering purchasing a large wheel custom unicycle as the Coker I have is a hoot, but going bigger is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now. Then I got stumped on a few thoughts.

First, I’ve heard that adding a brake is possible, but I’ve always figured that a hard squeeze would be somewhat of a pancake experience?

Second is handlebars. Apparently it makes it easier to use the larger wheels? I’ve never used handlebars on a unicycle, so I haven’t a clue what I’d be looking for. Thoughts?

As this is likely going to cost much $ I don’t want to screw up.

I think a Google search for “rideable replicas” will produce a link to a site that sells them.

I’ve never used a brake on a uni, but my understanding is that they are to be used as a drag or drogue, rather than for emergency stops! Just a bit of friction on long descents.

I also believe that you may well find that you don’t get much extra speed, if any. The Coker has a pneumatic tyre. All larger unicycles have hard rubber tyres. A 29er is much faster than a 28 on anything but perfectly smooth tarmac because of the softer fatter tyre. The same principle will apply to a big narrow hard tyre compared to a Coker.

Also, steering will be harder work. (I’ve ridden penny farthings, and the gyroscopic effect is very noticeable. If ever you get a chance to ride one, go for it.)

If you buy a big wheel, it will be because you want a big wheel, not because it will be faster or more practical than a Coker.

I’d love one…