*Large Shin Guards*

hello, i just got into riding and was hoping some older riders might have some old shin guards lying around they dont use any more and might wanna let me throw em a few bucks for :D:D:D …if so lemme know! thanks!

I have a very fresh set of these:

I bought these when I thought of becoming a downhill devil, have since backed off and don’t do anything that requires this level of protection.

These are some nice pads, comfy, pretty breathable, comparable to the KH or 661, but more adjustable. The back has an overlap cuff and vlcro bands, so coverage for pedal bite on the back and hardshell coverage on the shin and knee.

If you’re buying pads for the long run, you might as well get something decent now, soccer shin guards will only get you so far :wink:

70 bucks! i need cheap protection lol but thanks for your imput :D:D:D

I have a pair of KH shin guards. I don’t ride anymore but i need some cash. how is $15+ shipping? i don’t go on this site very often so it would be better to email me at munirider1@yahoo.com. If you are interested i can take a photo or two of them