Large Marge wheelbuild FYI

I just finished a muni wheel build with a Large Marge 24" (ISO 507) rim and Profile hub. For future reference, the spoke length for 3-cross is 230mm.

Nice, what frame are u going to use?

A Joe Rowing “Blizzard” 2-tube frame. It fits this wheel, but just barely. I am also gonna TIG weld a double set of Magura brake bosses, so the frame will accept both regular width muni rims such as the DX-32, and the Large Marge 65mm rim. I’ll post a pic of the frame after the welding is done.

I dont think the double mounts will work. I welded some mounts on my Hunter and had to carve the backside of the brake pads. The spacing of the mounts are 120MM eye to eye, clearance will be an issue. Make sure you use a longer Magura cross tube.


Nice paint job Dirtsurfer!
I plan to modify the pads a bit. Here’s a pic of mine as the paint was drying; the outside mounts are likewise 120mm.


Here it is, ready for kickoff. Only item left is braided brake hoses.


Scott Wallis has designed some adapters that fit onto regular sized brake mounts and they work great for the LM rim. You will also find that your calf will hit the brakes as they stick out pretty far. I had to put an extra piece of foam inside my shin guards, and slowly get used to keeping my feet a little wider on the pedals. Takes a little while to get the whole thing dialed in.


i’ll add mine as well.

for 4 cross pattern with a 2005 KH hub, spoke length is 240mm