Large marge rim spoke gauge

After test-riding Vivalargo’s '07 KH muni with the large marge rim, I knew I had to have one! To me there is simply no comparison and feels sooooo much more solid on drops.

So I just ordered a LM from AE bikes. My question is, what gauge spokes should I use? I’m thinking 12-14g, but don’t know what criteria to use to make the determination. Does it have to do with the “eyelet” size?

I also ordered a CF base (to replace the KH fusion freeride plastic base), a death grip and magura brake extenders (so they’’’ fit on the LM rim). I should probably call him so I wanted to can place the order on the phone and give him my CC number. :slight_smile:

wow man, you’re going super MUni on us now. I’m jeleous, I just have a stock KH24 (:D)


Thicker spokes are better stronger (12G thickest, 14G thinnest - from your list). It depends if your hub and rim (yes eyelett size matters) can take it though.

Some rims and hubs will only take 14G and no thicker and some will take larger ones.

Find the specs. of your hub and rim and you can work it out from there.

Hope it helps mate.

Ok thanks! Yeah the stock '07 kh muni comes with 13g, so I guess that’s a good size right in the middle!

post pictures of that when you get it all built up. for the base you either got and sw or a miyata right? because the kh bases doen’t fit DGs i don’t think

yeah they do, you just need an undrilled base…

I’m getting the pre-drilled CF base, which will fit my thompson seat post, and will be death grip and rrear bumper-ready. Scott said the KH fusion freeride foam and cover will fit the base, albeit with maybe a little cutting here and there.

oh, okay. (lucky bastard!) So, my birthday is on the twelfth, if only someone had a nice new CF SW base with a thomson… Terry! Just kidding, but my birthday is on the twelfth of July!

I’ve had two LM rims built and abused the crap of them both, especially early on when my drop technique was plain awful. On both rims I’ve run 14 gauge spokes (the skinny ones) and have never blown a spoke or a nipple.


Get 14 guage double-butted or even triple-butted spokes. They are lighter, spring better and allow a more durable wheelbuild.

mines the 11th, so i would get the hypothetical CF base and Thompson and the LM rim and the KH24 to go with it:D

wow, your only a day older than me Det-Riot.


thats ironic

we should make a unified birthday thread, it will be momentous, two birthdays, one thread (to rule them all)

ok im game

I wonder if anybody has replaced their '07 KH fusion freeride base with the Scott Wallis Derail base. :thinking: I’m just not sure if it will fit well since Scott tells me his base is modelled after the Myata base, which is quite different than the KH.

I’m pretty sure Spencer has done this, or if its not a SW base its a normal CF base in the miyata style.