Large Marge rim/Gaz on KH24???

Will a 24 inch Large Marge/Gaz fit on a '02 KH Muni??

How about on a Wilder Lightrider?


I am very interested in this myself.
I have a KH24 from 2004, I want to use the 24" Large Marge rim.
If the LM24 doen’t fit into my KH24 2004 frame
Which frame does it fit into?
KH24 2005?
Should I save up for a custom frame?

No current stock frame will fit the LM and a 3.0 Gazz. You will need to have a custom one made.


Anyone know the thread with the width measurements …?

Mojoe has this combo

I PM’d JB4 … but I just realized he’s using a Alex32 rim to compare … opps

I’ll PM Mojoe … see what he says…

look here…

George says… Nokian Gazzaloddi 3.0" = 3.13" actual

later… Joe

3 1/8 inches clearance between forks on my DX.

… opps … forgot pic…

so what does 0.13 inches translate too …?

not much clearance … but will fit … barely


Right at 3 1/2 inches between the KH24 forks. I’m thinking a Large Marge might fit, especially if you ran a Duro (my favorite) instead of a Gaz.


Any chance of a frame that will take brakes and a large mrage?

That’s plenty of clearance I think.
Remember you need height clearance also.
(from crown)

My DX has more clearance in hieght than width.


My wilder measures 3 and 9/16" across the gap.

GB just clarified the measurement on his webpage for me.
(thx again GB)

3.125 = 3 1/8 inches

(for those of us with rulers :smiley: )

I guess a 3" Gazz is not an option for me …

I wonder what other tire would fit my DX with a LM.