large marge questions

for how much money in u.s. $ , and where can i buy the large marge rims? I saw a thing online here and it said that the large marge 24" rims where like $600 or sumthin for just the rim! Is this true? And also where if i can, get the frames and tyre from? I really just want the rim, but iam just wondering on the frames and stuff.

If you use a duro tire it wil fit a normal 3.0 muni frame, the width of the tire stays the same, jus the sied walls of the tire are more flush with the top of the tire. you can get the rim from, the rims are 80 bucks.

OMG thank goodness! i love you! I dont know what they were talking about then with all that $600 crap for the rim


one more quick question, is the large marge xc rim in 24" or is that 26" on the website? it dont say. Or is the only 24" rim the one that says “surly 24” large marge DH rim"?

The XC version is made to save weight and also for someone thats not going to pound on the rim as much. The have pre cut lighting holes in the top wall of the rim.

the DH version does not have these slots, hence they are made for more abuse.