Hello guys,

So My Monster-Uni-Snow-Machine is being taken apart. I’m not gonna give it the proper use it should have. So If anyone is looking for some great deals on some practically brand new parts, here is your chance.

I have :

Large Marge 24" rim($130.00 new) Selling for …$100.00
24" x 3" Gazzaloddi tire(around $100 new) Selling for…$75.00
Heavy duty 24" tube($15.00 new) Selling for…$10.00 *free if you buy tire and rim.
165mm KH Moment cranks($77.00 new) Selling for…$60.00
KH 2007 24" frame(Paid $150.00) Selling for …$125.00 *Has been stripped never finished polishing. Can Get polished if you are interested.
KH rail adapter&rail style post($50.00 new) Selling for…$30.00
KH black spokes($20.00 new) Selling for …$10.00 *If you buy everything.

Total Value: $540.00
Total Price: $400.00

You pay shipping I don’t care what country. I would rather sell everything or most everything in one bundle and may be able to work out even more of a deal… tho nut much more.

[B]All of this stuff is basically brand new…very very lightly used. Besides the stripped frame there is no scratches or wear to any parts. Tire still has most the little factory mold noodles. Cranks have slight scuffs from shoes, still very shiny.


I will take other offers
I can take some pictures if you guys need them tho all parts are on UDC (with exception of the Gazzaloddi), and mine are almost in showroom condition.
I wish I had more of use for this machine, but 20" is more my thing.

PM or leave questions here.

-Sam Haber

pics of the large marge???

Now that is a NICE Uni!!!

Especially at that price, even if it doesn’t come with the hub or seat its still less than a stock KH muni after you buy those parts for it. If I didn’t already have a LM muni myself I’d definitely be tempted by this. The Lage Marge is an awesome ride, especially with the Gazz on it.

thats one awesome looking uni. sry, dont have any money.:frowning:

Awww hold onto it until I have the funds PLEASE :frowning: haha


Does it come with the hub?

No it does not come with a hub. I have had this hub in a number of wheels, The flanges are doing what the KH flanges do. Between that and the wear that I have put on it it I will never be able to ask as much for it as its worth to me.

Im sorry if it it seems like a pain, but I hope its clear that I am not selling the hub with the rest of the stuff as the hub is not up to par with the condition of everything else.

why are you selling the kh moment cranks for less then the tire?

I wish i had money.

wow that gazza is really 100 bucks new…

Are you trying to be sarcastic? Maybe you didn’t notice that that is the 24" x 2.6" and not the 3" wide.

oh…my bad. imsorry…where do you even get a 3.0??? i stand corrected…
but it still shouldent be 70 sumthin bucks…

They are no longer being made so they are difficult to find and when you do actually find somewhere that has a few in stock they are really expensive due to that reason.

The one you linked to is used. If you don’t know what you are talking about how about you stop talking down his sale?

okay…i understand. sorry

Apology accepted, it was just your sarcastic tone in that first post which set me off. If you had simply asked why the tire costs as much as it does I would have happily explained.

Sorry Sam.

Thanks Brian.

I paid 100.00 USD for the tire, from Bedford Unicycles. I used it maybe 5 times, all pretty short rides.

The tire is in basically new conditions and 25% cheaper than I paid for it. I thought that was a good deal. If you dont want it, dont buy it.

The reason I am selling the cranks for less than the tire is because they cost about $25.00 less than the tire.

You need to do your research before you make unthougth out opinions in a FOR SALE thread.
You cant just go out and get a 3" Gazza anywhere. You are right tho it shouldnt be 70 “sumthin” bucks. It should be more.

okay. im sorry dude.