Large Marge Endomorph 3.7 Muni

I finished this a few hours ago. It needs powdercoat. But, it’s otherwise ready to go. I only have a 5 or 6 miles on it, and I’m a relative novice. So, a report of it’s performance, from me, doesn’t have much value at this point.

The frame is fillet brazed .049" cromoly tubing and a steerer from a wrecked Surly 1x1 fork. The bearing holders are lightened steel shaft collars.

I’m using the same heavy Surly Endomorph tire that George is riding. The production 60tpi tires will be up to 660 grams lighter. And, some creative machining removes 300+ grams from the Large Marge rim. I’m looking forward to riding it with less rotating mass, but I’m happy riding it as is. I’m biased, of course.

another pic

Here’s a pic of the frame.


This pic just shows the clearance of the tire in the frame.

I continue to be in awe of the girth of that tire. So is Large Marge the new nickname?

Wow, that’s a beast! Have you had any problems with hitting your legs on the crown of the frame?

Well done.


I’m pretty sure Large Marge is the name of the rim.

BTW, what size wheel is that? I’m assuming it’s a 24" or 26", but it looks smaller - probably just an illusion because of the thickness of the tyre.


Large Marge is the trademarked name of our wide rim.


I just got back from a Jedi night ride near the Mississippi River. I wanted to check out some good dirt trails before they get overrun by fairweather hikers, today. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Minneapolis, and it will be hard to navigate around the gawkers on some of the narrower trails. Of course, I can almost run right over them, now. Just kidding, stupid gawking fair weather hikers.

I was more concerned about hitting my legs on the Magura brake than on the crown. This was my first ride using a brake, so I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t hit the crown, and I didn’t hit the slave cylinders of the brake. As for using a brake, I like it. I use it seldomly, but I see the merits of having one. It only adds 273 grams to the vehicle, and I’ll probably use it more when I get more comfortable with the modulation.

I ran 12 psi in the tire. That seemed like a good pressure for the combination of road and trails I was on.



It’s a 26" rim, but the diameter of the tire measures out to be 740mm…29".

Thanks Dave. It’s funny, in the photo it looks almost like a 20" trials wheel with tiny pedals and saddle! The thickness of the tyre seems to confuse the brain into thinking it must be a smaller wheel (well mine anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ain’t the 24 inch LG rime due out in June? Any update on that?



They don’t even make 24x3.7" tires yet, if they ever will, so it has to be 26"

Sweet ride!

That is a monster. I am curious how it will be for bombing down rocky slopes. The shock absortion of the tire should be great, but I wonder if rebound will be a problem.


will there be production frames to go along with this wheel/tire

I wonder if the Endomorph will be faster than a 29er for fast XC racing on singletrack? The wheel diameter will be very similar. The big fat Endomorph will be able to plow over any rocks or roots at full speed. The fat tire will also act as a suspension so the rider will be able to stay in the saddle more which saves energy and allows you to keep a faster cadence. With the right trail conditions the Endomorph could possibly be faster.

Thanks for that. I like the look of that braided cross-over cable. I’m think I’m going to go all-braided for my muni upgrade. Do you know if the outer diameter of it will fit in those little clips you get on some bike frames (that you clip the brake cables into)? I’m thinking of either running some of them on my new frame or sending the brake cable through the frame itself for a portion of its journey up to the lever (my framebuilder’s idea). It’s nice to know that the brake setup is only 273g too…don’t drink that 273mL drink before a ride and they make no difference!

“Of course, I can almost run right over them, now.”

  • Hahaha. You should try toad hunting on it. :slight_smile:


24" Marge

60% of the rims, from the original production run, were rejected. The factory is having a hard time rolling that fat extrusion into a 24" hoop. They had to extrude more rim stock to finish the 400 piece order of 24" rims. That’s why there has been such a delay. Late May/early June delivery is what were shooting for.



Man how well does that tire prehop, looks heavy, but dang.

I really don’t know. I’ve never used those clips. Our Surly cable housing guides use zip ties to hold the housing in place.

The o.d. of the braided line is 5.5 - 6 mm. I’m not sure how roomy those clips are.