large marge compatiblity w/kh freeride

I bent my kh rim today on a drop. Now I need a replacement rim and was thinking about getting a large marge. The kh rim is 42mm, vs. the 65mm L. marge. And it says that only disc brakes are compatible, but I have maguras and don’t know now if they will fit. If anybody can can help me with definite info on this, I appreciate it! Oh, I also want to get a gazz tire as well. :smiley:

How big was the drop? I thought kh rims were supposed to be really strong. Is it actually bent or just out of true?

terry, you are a beast.

i think you can run the 24 LM with magura’s.

Hey Terry, I found your answer in one of your own threads!

The drop was only about 4 feet, but unfortunately I didn’t have sufficient air pessure in the tire, and so I “bottomed” out on the rim and the side wall of the wheel bent outward so that about 4" of rim was affected. The wheel would not turn because of the close proximity of the magura brake pads. I found a rock nearby and POUNDED the bent portion back to flush…everything seemed back to normal…until I did ANOTHER (smaller) drop, (couldn’t help myself!:D)and the same thing happened again! But this time I was unable to pound the rim back all the way, so for the duration of the ride you could hear the rim scraping along from at least 500 yards away!:D:) :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :p;)

HA! That’s funny.:smiley:

To confirm what the other thread said, yes, the LM fits the KH freeride, with a couple of caveats:

*You need adapters to use a Magura brake. Scott Wallis makes some, I think.
*The Gazz cuts the tolerance very close. Hans in SB was running a freeride+LM+gazz, and I think the sidewalls were rubbing just a little bit. The Duro tire works no problem.

I went to a LM after I bent my old KH rim. No regrets (and lots of praise for the LM!)

I bent my kh rim today on a drop

Post pics.  that sucks i wish i was there. sorry to miss it.:D

Yes the rim works great, and yes Scott Wallis makes adapters but he hasn’t as of a month or so ago made them for the KH. I had to grind my brake pads way down for them to fit. Scott was looking into possibly making some specifically for the KH.

Phil (PDC), I never got back with you after learning more about it, but the problem is that the KH frames have used two different spacings on the brake bosses. I don’t have the all the info yet on when the changes were made, but the newest frames seem to have the 4" spacing which works perfectly with my current adapters. Yours and my nieghbor Phil’s both had the approx 3.5" spacing. Apparently anyone named Phil recieved the 3.5" version.
I need to find out how many of the narrow versions are out there before I decide to make adapters for them. It is also not ideal to have the slave cylinders extended that far from the frame bosses. Flex will be much more of a problem with the additional .25" offset on each side.

MuniAddict Terry (thread starter) spoke to me and his has the good 4" spacing.


Yeah and I’ve decided, at least at this point, to go with the newest version KH freeride rim, sans that STUPID, USELESS, BENT-RIM-WAITING-TO-HAPPEN “groove” in the sidewall, and a Gazz tire. I can use my current magura setup without extenders (necessary with the LM rim) and be back on the road this friday, as opposed to who knows when!:smiley:

I have an '06 KH 24 and Scott’s brake adapters work perfectly on it.


well ive ridden the surly and it kinda sucks becuase of the grip. but if ur going to do some killer snow muni in cali good for it:)

Yeah I think I’ll be happy with the new KH rim with a gazz on it!:smiley: I had no complaints leading up to the breakage running a duro 3.0. Plus it seems that the LM would be more useful for heavier riders; I’m only 145lbs so I haven’t had any “roll over” problems, but I do have to keep enough air pressure in the tire for the bigger drops. I’d been using about 13-14lbs so I’ll prolly up that to around 16 or so.