Large Marge brake adapters

In response to UniSk8ter’s request here is a quick preview of the Magura brake adapters I made for Vivilargo’s Wilder muni running a large Marge rim. They are CNC machined 6061-T6, and provide about 10mm of offset on each side. John says they are working great, but that he did have to get used to his legs contacting the calipers at their new width.



Thats really cool!
Do they only work on the wilder frames. Are they going to be for sale?

They will work on any frame with Magura mounts, provided of course that the frame can accomodate the rim/tire and the position the brakes will be in.

I will sell them, but have not had a chance to set a price and work out any details. If there is interest I will work on it.


The mounts work like all of Scott’s products: Perfectly. But ultimately I think that, as the Large Marge starts to slowly catch on with Muni riders (as it is here in So Cal), Scott will have to cook up another frame design. The issue of bashing your leg on the brake is not going to go away, though it’s livable by adding padding to a SIXSIXONE shin guard.


its funny to me how just when we got the wider frames for 3.0 tyres and brake mounts coming stock on most off-road frames easy to buy, out comes this wide rim that puts us back in time and,into the widget making days again.

its worth it though, LM rims are like a shot in the arm full of balance. i love mine.

why not develop your body’s natural resistance to gravity, rather than going to the doctor for a shot?

what next, going to a 5" or 6" tire 'cause a new strain of gravity comes along that’s resistant to your LM shot?

western medicine gives me the heebie-jeebies… all these shots and pills can’t be good for you.

your right, let all go back to 2.215 wide tryes.

and further more, lets all write letters to each other. this internet thing flys in the face of natural time and patience.