Large Marge + 3.7" tyre

Hey, what frames can you buy which fit a large marge 26" rim and a 26x3.7" tyre on them, yes i’ve searched and no i cant find much useful information on them


This one perhaps


thats a nice frame, and perfect for what i want too. does anybody know when it is coming out? cheers

Here’s a source

Tire - [URL=“”][/URL

Tire -

“Hub bearing spacing: 102-104.5mm, measured outside to outside”

i dont exactly get that, arent they usually measured from centre to centre :s. would this spacing fit the koxx one isus hub?

thanks for all your help so far guys its been fantastic

the koxx has a 100mm bearing distance from the centre :S would this hub + frame work? if not, what hub would work for this frame? thanks so much

save yourself the trouble and buy a complete uni from surley. your LBS might be able to, i know mine can.