Laos Unicycle Tour 2006- OXFAM Charity Challenge

In Jan-Feb of 2006, a group of Adventure Unicyclists will take on the challenge of Unicycling 500km across Laos, starting from Thailand, in the Laos Unicycle Tour- An Adventure of Epic Proportions. Unicyclists from 6 different countries will be taking part.

As part of this challenge, we are aiming to raise money for the OXFAM Charity, which have several projects in Laos, one of the poorest countries in SE Asia. OXFAM is one of the largest secular charities in the world, originating in the UK. OXFAM UK and OXFAM Australia both operate projects in Laos.

A number of riders on this forum will be participating in this challenge, including:
Bruce Hall
Tony Melton
Ken Looi
David Buchanan
John Cooper
Barry Clearwater
Jason Williams
Sid Rajan
Nathan Hoover
Beau Hoover
Rob Bowman
Mike Scalisi
Kevin Gilbertson
Florian Schlumpf
Hans Fiby
Jesper Andersen
Thomas Olsen
Seth Golub
Grace Fleming

Check out the rider profiles on and sponsor your favourite rider
The donations are being processed by New Zealand. They have agreed to sponsor merchant fees so that your money goes directly to the charity.
Donations can be made here:

Thanks for your support,

Ken Looi
Aka Gizmoduck

I’m kicking off the challenge by sponsoring Bruce Hall, one of the Kiwi riders. It’s not a competition, and there is no obligation for riders to be fundraising. However, I see that there will some healthy rivalry amongst our riders as to who can raise the most for our charity. My pick is on one of the RSU people to top our rankings- possibly Gilby or Nathan or Beau. Will be an interesting few weeks .

Go Bruce!