Laos Unicycle Tour 2006- An Adventure of Epic Proportions

Ok, Adventure Unicyclists!

The Laos Unicycle Tour is set to go…
23 Jan- 3rd Feb 2006

All info available on the website:

Registrations will be on a first come basis until all places are filled. Hope to see you next year!


After several months of coping with jealousy cause by being unable to join the Alps tour,I’m very tempted. Who else is going? …or thinking about it?

Cool! The more the merrier :slight_smile: . And it will be cheaper than the AUT too (I know cos my piggybank is looking rather sad for the AUT). And something quite different to previous tours, because you’re going through a less developed country, that is still relatively new in terms of having foreign cycletourists.

So far we’ve had interest from Scot Cooper (USA), Sid (Singapore), Barry (Australia), Tony and Bruce and me (NZL), Gilby (USA), and I’m trying to get a couple of Penny Farthing riders along just to add a bit of variety :stuck_out_tongue: People are just sorting out their leave and holidays at the moment, so the places are still waiting to be filled.

Email me and I’ll send you the registration stuff.


As I already mentioned, I am so seriosuly tempted I even looked up ticekts to Bangkok on Travelocity last night. But it’s really comes down to a financial thing. I’ve told my unicycling firned Brian about it and if he’s able to go too, I am in. But he’s in Alaska working on a cruise ship for the next few months so I ahve no idea whehter when he’ll get my message about.

I am so seriosuly tempted. I am even going to try to go on a distance ride this weekend since the longest Iv’e ever ridden is about 4 miles. I am gonna try a 16 mile ride on my 24".

Hi Jeff,

Check your PM’s.

Ken :slight_smile: