Laos Unicycle Tour 2006- An Adventure of Epic Proportions

Ok, Adventure Unicyclists!

The Laos Unicycle Tour is set to go…
23 Jan- 3rd Feb 2006

All info available on the website:

Registrations will be on a first come basis until all places are filled. Hope to see you next year!


Last minute roll call…

We’re aiming to have everyone registered by August, and may close registrations as we will probably have exceeded our target of 12 riders.

Be part of something unique :sunglasses:

Registered riders:
Mike Scalisi (USA)
Rob Bowman (USA)
Florian Schlumpf (Switzerland)
Lars Lottrup (Denmark)
Jesper Andersen (Denmark)
Tom Olsen (Denmark)
Hans Fiby (Austria)
Barry Clearwater (Australia)
John Cooper (Australia)
Sid Rajan (Singapore)
Bruce Hall (New Zealand)
Mike Dillon (New Zealand)

Ken Looi (New Zealand)
Tony Melton (New Zealand)
Jason Williams (Australia/Thailand)