Lands End to John O'Groats Ride

Hi all,

Just a quick note to remind people to have a look and offer encouragement to
Robert Ambrose who is riding from Lands End to John O’Groats (Ride for Hope) as
we speak.

I was with them on Saturday, I met Rob and crew in Kendal and rode with them for
35 miles to Penrith. As we left Kendal it rained big style! so it was not to
pleasant as we followed the A6 which goes over Shap pass (megga
climb). Rob was riding his Coker with 125 cranks with an air Miyata Seat, I was
suffering on my 28" with 110’s (I left my Coker tyre in China to save
weight and have not got a replacement yet). Rob is making fantastic
progress being almost half a day ahead of his planned distance and well
with in the time required to set a new world record. Even though I was
fresh he was setting a fantastic pace which was hard for me to hold.

At Penrith which was not his final stop for the day (he was heading for Gretna
Green which would have made it 115 miles in one day!) his support vehicle drove
in to the back of a Landrover. You can guess what can off worse! The support
vehicle is as I write is on its way back to Dorset, Rob and 2 of his support who
are on bikes are continuing. If anyone is in their area, I am sure would really
appreciate any support that can be offered. The web uplinks should be posted (if
not as regularly) as they have a laptop with them.

If anyone would like get in touch with them their email is
or if you give me call on the UK Unicycle Source number (0800 980 0711) I could
give you their mobile number.


 The UK's Unicycle Source <a href=""></a>