Landmark..sorta big..

Wee bit of a story for you guys. For the longest time (which isnt actually that long) I’ve been wanting to ride my uni to school and back. Never quite knowing if I could make it distance wise, and since I didn’t have a place to put it in the school, I never tried. But, recently my Bio teacher decided it would be ok if I could put it in his classroom throughout the day while I was at school. Now I had a place to put it, and the nagging urge to uni to school slowly ate me away till I finally did it today.

Quite awesome I must say. Didn’t know if I could make it distance wise (I’m not very atheletic, but I did ok) Quite a big landmark. And of course I was greeted with the “whoahs” and “do you actually ride that thing?”. I’ll probably use it as my main mean of transportation to school now, as it doesnt cost gas, and it’s faster than a car, due to the massive traffic jam after school that happens everyday. I guess its my first step into the long-distance uni world.

Thought I’d just share that with you guys.

Great job! Keep it up!


How far is your school ? Which wheel diameter do you ride ?

Good luck


I ride a 26" wheel. The school isnt far at all, I don’t know exactly how far, its a 15 minute walk. I lost all my leg muscles when I didn’t bike for 5 years, that’s why I can’t go very far.

Very cool. I also just started riding my coker to school every once and a while. I’ve done it three times this year so far (about once every 4 days).

Its about 4 miles, and the ride to school is really easy, but the way back is rediculous. I have to do it on a major commerical road, and there are tons of cars, and its uphill the first 3.5 miles. I always think I’m going to die at about 3.2 miles. Definently worth it when I’m not to tired in the morning though.

Maybe they’re with your other wheel.

I used to ride a 19" trials uni 2.1 miles to school and 2.1 back every day. That was kinda annoying, except rarely people would complain when I was late. There were two BIG and steep hills between me and school, so the 19" or 24" was better than a coker. Also, there was a park with a few good muni and trials lines next to school, so i’d jump around a bit before heading home.

Last year I rode to school and work on a 700c roadbike, until I finally cracked the cranks, dented the frame, snapped the seat, and trashed the rear hub. now I ride a 26" junker MTB. I could be on a unicycle, but it’s a waste of time.

I hate to blasphemize, but when there’s a very long, nice DH from work or school with no intersections, a bike spanks a unicycle for fun, relaxation and speed any day. With a few minor exceptions, riding a unicycle on paved flats for transportation is a waste of time.

You, Bevan, Outa the pool! haha. Go be a party pooper somewhere else!

Ive started coker commuting to and from work. It was a little rough at first. But now i look forward to it every day! Its a great start to the day and a great reward after work.

Plus its nice to have cars full of chicks honking and shouting sexual stuff at you! :smiley:

I used to ride to university every day on my 28". It was about 2.5 miles each way, had a tough hill to climb on the way in and took roughly 20 minutes. I found the advantage was in knowing how long my journey would take, whereas the buses were always a bit variable, so you’d have to set off earlier in order to be sure of getting in at the right time. Also, the activity of unicycling kept me warm so I didn’t need to wear a coat. (I remember when I walked in, covered in snow, in a T-shirt. I shook my head and loads of snow fell off on the floor. It must have been quite a picture, because the security guard forgot to ask for my ID!) Next term, I’ll have less far to go and a Coker to do it on. I don’t think it’ll be as much fun.

And as for bikes vs. unicycles, going uphill I’ve overtaken lots of cyclists, although only for them to come whizzing past me on the downhill part.

I think it’s hard to make a case for unicycles as practical transport over bikes. OK, they can sometimes be quicker up certain hills if the gradient is just right for the wheel size, but on any real-life journey I reckon a unicycle will always be considerably slower than a bike ridden by the same rider (I know a fast unicyclist could beat a slow bicyclist, but that’s not a fair comparison).

If I want to get to work quickly I ride a bike. If I unicycle it takes me three times as long - actually not quite fair because I’m comparing 8 miles of road on a road bike with 9 miles of cross-country on a 26x3 unicycle, so perhaps I could do it a bit faster on the road on a 29er or Coker, but still I don’t believe I could get near my time on the bike (I don’t in my wildest dreams think I could average high-20s mph over that distance on a unicycle).

But I do often ride the unicycle to work because it is MORE FUN. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been unicycling for so long as biking, but I find the journey much more enjoyable on the unicycle. To me that’s what draws me to ride it, not the practicality.

Keep using the unicycle to get to school davis_e74, it’s great fun and quicker than walking, but don’t expect it to be as quick as a bike.

I agree that they are nowhere near as fast as bikes, although my post possibly sounded a little like I was trying to argue that they were. For all my journeys though unicycles are fast enough.

Also consider that there are many constant overheads such as getting it out of storage, locking it up, waiting at traffic lights, and in my case carrying it up an enormous flight of steps where I get off the canal towpath. (Actually, manoeuvring it out of my room and carrying it up the steps are made easier by having a unicycle rather than a bike.) Anyway, my point is that even if you go twice as fast on a bike that may only represent a 25% reduction in journey time due to these other factors. This for many people on this forum who do use their unicycles for commuting is not a reduction worth making, as they like unicycling more than bicycling anyway.

Suffice it to say that what gerblefranklin said - a bike spanks a unicycle for fun, relaxation and speed - still falls on two counts because fun and relaxation are completely subjective.

I wasn’t arguing with you Rupert, I agree with what you said. I was just making the point that the decision to ride a unicycle rather than a bike for a particular journey isn’t usually for practical reasons - it’s usually for the fun factor.

Regarding getting the cycle out and storing at the other end, in my case it actually takes longer with the unicycle because I wear pads and wrist guards that take time to put on - on the bike I just wear a helmet (well, not JUST a helmet obviously, but you know what I mean). The bike or uni is kept in a garage at home and a locked room at work, so I don’t need to mess about with locking it up. My journey is pretty much a sprint across Dartmoor - not much traffic and certainly no traffic lights - so the ultmate speed of the vehicle makes all the difference. I can see what you’re getting at about town journeys though - although it’s pretty easy to walk with a bike if you get stuck in traffic or want to cut through a pedestrian area.

My 26" muni IS a practical form of transport over that distance (I would only ride the 20" that far as a joke) but just not as good as a bike in most ways - except fun :slight_smile:

For me, besides my car, my unicycle is the only practical form of transportation. There is no way they’d let me walk a bike into my school and store it in a teacher’s room. Plus I’d never want to wake up earlier to ride a bike. Thats really boring and tedious. Its just not really fun.

I’m not about to use my unicycle any time soon for fast transportation, then I’d just take my bike or drive. But it’s great for getting to my school cause its all flat ground on the way there (and back) and I have a huge amount of time to get there due to me leaving so early to get to school. This is great, cause I can just enjoy the ride.