Hey Guys!

Just discovered this whole forum full of nerds, hadn´t dreamed that unicycling is such a big thing! I live in Germany and I learned to cycle basically 5 years ago, and last week i saw some trial videos, and it opened up a very different perspective on whats possible with that thing called unicycle.

The question I have is:

  1. How high is the best height for the grip? leg straightened or bowed?
  2. How do some of you guys jump from quite a height without damaging your balls so bad? It looks like you press your hand down on the grip or sth like that, so you get no contact to the saddle when landing? thats right? couldn´t really figure it out from all the vids, plz explain!
  3. I own a pretty shitty 15’’ uni with a thin tire, it was a present from my mother, i can hardly ride it because its so small, do you think it´s worth practising jumping with it, or should I consider buying some of that nice looking-surely-expensive-fat-tire-unicycle-beasts?

thanks for your answers,


1.Seat height is a personal preference
2.To do big drops you absorb the impact in your feet and try and roll out after landing to make it feel smoother should learn to bunny hop on your uni and a few other things but if you think you can ride well enough a fat tyre unicycle beast is definately the way to go for trials

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Check out for some fatter-tired 20" unicycles if you’re really interested in jumping around a lot. Your small unicycle will probably break very soon if you abuse it with stuff like that. The fat tire makes things like that much more enjoyable too. As far as landing is concerned, you should set your saddle a little lower, so instead of landing on your crotch you can land standing on the pedals with your legs slightly bowed. It is also important to have the right amount of pressure in your tire, because that’s the suspension of the uni, if it’s too much you will obviously have a very uncomfortable landing, same applies if it’s too little. The role of the hand on the handle is only to hold the uni in place and to pull it up during take-off. The only time I actually push the handle down is on long rides, when I need to relieve my crotch for a bit.

Have fun learning! And check out the search function, there’s lots of information available. By the way, there’s also a German part of the forum.

hey ya!

thanks for the nice answers, we´ll see how long this uni will last :smiley: I went to the local bike shop and they told me I could buy a Qu-Ax Cross for 129 euros. well, the plan is to practice with my kiddieversion, and if there are some serious things i´ll learn, maybe i´ll get that thing.
was exploring i´m german a fault of my language? thanks by the way, i already checked out the german one, but it wasn´t that big and informative as the english one so i´ll think i´ll stick to this one.


P.S.: Christian municycle riders? nice! I´m one, too! xD

Quax cross it is not a specific trials unicycle, Quax Cross uses 20x2.25 tyres and trials unis use 20x2.5 tyres.

ok man. i suppose i´m a bloody noob in unicycling, so thats ok for me because i don´t think i´ll jump on a bench within a year. do you recommend the quax cross although? I thought about buying a “real” trial beast, but its sooo expensive… i don´t earn that much money.

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