Landing Tricks Seat IN...

Basically, to some it up, I won’t commit to landing any tricks (mostly a crankflip) seat in. I’m fine with uni spins but when it comes to crankflips I’m worried that if I my feet don’t land on the pedals, my balls will land on the seat (with all my weight on top of them).

Lots of other people learnt crankflips. Does it hurt your balls when you don’t land them?

Thanks :smiley:

No, you land on your butt. As long as your balls are tucked up like they should be when your riding you should be fine. If however you pussy out and try and whip the seat out from under you just as you land, you may stand a risk of landing with your balls at the back of the seat. Just go for it, you will soon realise, your balls are pretty safe.

I think I pussied out and tried to the whip the seat out from under me last time I tried :S

OK but when you do a crank flip your balls are nicely tucked up until they leave the seat allowing them to change position and land underneath you, ouch…

I’ll might try tomorrow and hopefully I don’t hurt myself.

I normaly wear cyling shorts which hold everything in place but I can still hapily land flips without them. There is a tendancy your stuff will move about but it doesnt ever seem to get sat on.

Just have the seat low enough, so you can stand on your feet with it under you.

you should never land on your butt or genitals with any force, land on you feet somehow.

OK, I find it hard to do other tricks like uni spins and wheel walking with the seat that low but atleast for the learning process I’ll put the seat low enough.

And maybe I’ll try cycle shorts or something as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a vendor for good cycle shorts that will do the “heaving lifting” you mention above?

I have a pair, and they help, but would love to get a little more support where it counts. Maybe we could come up with “Ball Bras”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking about getting some. Before I try any more crankflips anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol genitals.

If your seat is too high then yes, you will recieve a nice ball plant if landed wrong. I suffered many while learning triples.

Try the Voler cycling shorts. Don’t buy the most expensive ones get the model below that. Voler makes some of the best/toughest cycling shorts I have ever used. I couldn’t imagine doing any long term Unicycling with out bike shorts under my cavas shorts. If you mail order them, they even send you a stamped self addressed package to return them in if you order the wrong size.