Landing Full Revs

here’s what i say


grinding/pedal grabbing on the normal side but swithching my stance= switchfoot

grinding/pedal grabbing on the opposite side with normal stance= opposite

i was talking about skateboard but w/e :roll_eyes:

thanks for using the E.T. “!fight the machines!”

but with discussion with dan, we decided it would be better called a fast forward, then it has relevance to rewinds.

he is also putting up a trick list, in the next week or so, of all the street tricks that have been landed. with a description, who did them first and the best/biggest example of them. as well as their variations
All you street inventers out there who think you’ve invented something, you might be able to add your tricks to this list.

although some things… need to be left until they can come out in a video. they wont be on the list. otherwise everyone will be doing them by the time the video comes out. which is understandable

this will sort out all the nit pickers out there.

How about this:

forwards, it’s called E.T.

backwards, it’s called .T.E


i tirds to to one from a still stand off a 2’ drop yesterday and busted my balls and my ankle is all messed up. maybe i should try it rolling.

He better be puttin’ my wax-footed foot-plant on there! :stuck_out_tongue: haha