Landing Full Revs

Hi, I just landed my first full rev. I’m still pretty inconsistent, but when I do make it all the way around I have trouble keeping the unicyle underneath me when landing. It seems to always shoot out in back of me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Full revs?you mean like jumping up and pedaling all the way around?

It works best when you rolling hop into it,and uhhhhhhhh…practice.thats all i can think of.

Focus…I can do them and the trick is you just really have to focus on your feet flippin and trying to make your articulations go a smooothly as possible…

they are called E.Ts,
like in the movie E.T where they ride their bikes while flying in the air and they still pedal for some wierd reason.

im trying get everyone calling them E.Ts. and in reverse they are called rewinds.
calling them revs is banal. if you want to call them revs be my guest, but if you want a better name… E.Ts

if i were to help i would say… keep practicing them, they will only get easier.

If this trick is called an ET (or rev) then what’s a crankflip? And what about the no-footed version?

Personally I think ETs and rewinds are cooler names.

a no footed backwards revolution is a crankflip… or a no-footed forwards one is a crankflip also… it has to go 360 degrees revolution but.

a full rev pedal in the air is called an E.T. with feet on pedals

a full rev backwards in the air is called a rewind. with feet on pedals

says you…I think we should stick to wheel-rev for forward and Back-rev for backwards… it’s more to the point. And why should two varitations of the same move have tottaly unrelated names?

why is more to the point better?

creative is better. and kids will be using these terms for years after they are made up.

i think rewinds sound cool… then you can say stuff like ‘the rewind grind’
back-rev grind just doesnt have the same ring now does it?

scientists are specific and to the point, and are continually boring everything up.
i wont get into spiritaulisation, but street is more about creative expression in any sport, as well as unicycling.

if i can get it to take off that would be cool, but i know most people are always afraid of change.

ok…tell you what…once we start getting street competitions and anouncers going “Oh damn! i can’t beleive it it’s a 180 rewind grind!!”

then maybe weird names would be better…but even then… I think you should have simple names for easily describle moves.

So let’s not start calling crank-grabs weasel poppers or any other weird thing like that.

im with you on that one…

no dumb names… i think my names arent necessarily completely out there. like weasel popping…

im also curious as to how many people are able to name their own tricks here, but i’ve probably jacked this thread enough already

p.s im not having a go at you. your opinion is as good as anyones.

you better not have been!:stuck_out_tongue: haha… Nah I know…we’re all friendly peaceful people here.

These seem like fairly sensible names and will work as long as they’re universally adopted by unicyclists (therein lies the problem!)

My next nomenclature question for you Alex is what about the half revolution versions which riders often learn before doing the full revolution versions? Half ET? Half rewind? Or maybe 180 ET for the half rev and 360 ET for the full?

I’m a little surprised John Foss hasn’t added to this thread on street trick nomenclature yet!

man… always issues,

i dont know what a backwards/forwards half rev can be called… they arent very cool tricks.
i am not in any liberty to name them… someone else can.

chyeah…they’re pretty cool when you’re gapping things cause then you land on your switch foot. If we qwere skate-voarders now this would be considered as an added difficulty…

oorrrr you take off of your switch foot. This is harder, o’ course, but I think E.T.'s are easier to do starting switchfoot.
Of course, I can’t even do them properly, I can only do half E.T.'s…

Switchfoot is called fakey in skating. I think tomsey has a point, and that makes me feel old. If at 34, I come home to my wife and son and say"DUDE I just pulled a GNAAAAARLY rewind grind of a 180 down a double set of 8!" Well frankly, I’d be stoked.:smiley:

works just the same with back-rev!!!

I think we should have a bias poll.

no sorry going switch foot is switch going the same foot backward is fackey :smiley:

Fakie: skating backwards—the skater is standing in his or her normal stance, but the board is moving backward (not to be confused with “switch stance”).


so you’re saying… when you do a trick riding backwards, it’s… fakie?