Landed my first Pedal to Rubber!

Today was one of those days that everything, at least as far as unicycling goes, went right.

Had a real flowin’ ride with my trials riding two-wheeler buddy, and finished it off with landing my first pedal to rubber ever. After the first, I kept landing it with about 80% consistancy. Feels good to land a new trick. Especially landing a crank climb on a 24in.:smiley:

Heck YES!

Anyone else have a recent success story? I’d hate to think I’m the only one who’s had a truly awesome ride this week.

i just got my first rubber to pedal.

that’s 1ft wheel walk then back to pedals.

Sweet, I can’t even attempt to one footed wheel walk. I can do some standard ww, but not too well.

Today I landed a few of those things that Sabin does in defect where you stand on the cranks then do a leg around then plant your foot on the tire then jump up and do a body varial and land with the uni backwards. I have been getting my rolling 360 unispins better and better now I can ride, 360 unispin and ride away without stopping or hopping at all. Thats about it for today.

I tried crank grab to rubber yesterday, and I almost got it…I had to leave though, so I only tried it once
I’m gonna go back tomorrow or tongiht and work some more

weirdo street riders. My stand-up koosh koosh is coming along though :slight_smile:

Sweet!!! i haven’t tried pedal to rubber yet, but my cranks to rubber are almost perfect, like 49\50. I should start practicing pedal grabs, but its raining, but wait! i don’t care if its raining!!! muwahahahaha!!!:smiley: