landed double flips

i just landed a double crankflip

ill upload the video when it lets me

i just tryed and it sais upload failed

so im very happy now


cool i cant do one yet :roll_eyes: i havnt really tried yet because flatland is boring to me but i want to learn to add style to my gaps but i would like to see this video and does anybody know videos of other types of flips?

Are you serious man? “The Flip Vid” by Shaun J details almost, if not every flip trick there is. Find it at unicycle tvor various other sources.

Well done Dale, Double flips are a great thing to be able to do.


DUDE!!! you got doubles, thats tight. Great work man, send me the vid.


dale is that oyu in your avatar?

yes why

when is the video coming?



urmm yeah there, cheers mike

that was was pretty sweet =) but the sun shine is in the way ><

sorry mate, cant move the sun

HA xD yeah but you can move the camera :wink:


Just kidding, nicely done. I can’t crankflip yet, but probably cause I haven’t tried!

yeah dale, god you suck go land a tripple

Yeah Dale, go land a triple, you suck.


i would but im err… letting ypou do it first

but rely triples would be so hard, mike if you land one, ill be happy, wouldnt that be enough motivation to go land one

I got so damn close at UNICON but on the second attempt I sacked myself the worst I have ever done (it was right infront of Jeff Groves [person who told me to try it], Ryan, Jess and a bunch of other famous people. Damn that hurt.



Triple Double Flip?

nice, i’ve almost got crankflips down.