Landed Double flips (video)

Some of you might know that I landed a few Double flips at BUC and Joe Hodges (British Trials Champion) managed to film it. Unfortunatly his camera is mucked up and he cant get the film off of it.

This brings me to now, I was trying them again and managed to land my first one since BUC. I got some on video and am fairly consistant (1/10, I know that doesnt sound to good but they are hard).

HERE is the video, sorry for the quality. Thanks to Trev for uploading it, my gallery is mucked up.

Thanks again,

Nice one mike, good to see a UK rider keeping the standards high. That rolling hop at the end was a beast, I could say the same about the bail though, Ouch!


Lol, hahahahahahhahahaha nothing like a good painful bail. Nice flips, I didn’t realise anyone in England was actually good at street :p… that trick would look so cool if you filmed it with a camera built for doing slow motion!

wooh uuhhh ohhh ‘‘virtual slap’’ damn pete lol not that im any good but that hurt!

Hey fab! Well done.



Good Job Mike!

sweet! :smiley:

Thanks guys and Girls, I am very pleased that I managed to get those down since BUC.

Pete, haha, no one good at street pssshh. Yea the cameras pants but I put it in real slow to actually prove that I did land it.

I am suprised no one said it wasnt a full double, there is usually one.


[Edit] Shame about your toe Amanda [Edit]

that wasnt a double!!!
u happy now mike

it was a double though well done

well i think you need to double reverse.

good job

great! are doubles much harder than singles?

nice job. looks like those stacks hurt real bad.

Riley, yes. They are ALOT harder than singles. I find the main bit of doubles is getting your back foot off the pedal.

Zippy, do you want me to try double backs? I have only just got rolling backs down, doublebacks are hard. Maybe if I get more consistant.

Tom, that bail of the double flip didnt hurt to much. I had loads of bails of trying doubles but none looked very good because, well I just hurt my cough. Look at Amanda’s sig.


thats awesome mike! youre really good man and youre uni is sexy.

It’s rad to see more people double flipping. Nicely done. I wouldn’t go into doublebacks quite yet, but maybe look into lateflipping. Once again rad.

-Shaun J

nice dubbel flip :wink: but what I think is that is was too long shudd look way more nice if it was higer instead ,but sweet anyway keep it up

That was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…

thats awsome