Landed a couple of doubleflips!!

Hey. Today I landed a doubleflip twice and once with one foot on the pedal. Im still very inconsistent, and it was dark outside so I stopped riding. It was in my driveway and i did it off where flat goes into a slight down hill, so it was probably about a 4cm drop. Im so happy! I learnt 1.5 flips a couple of days ago and just worked from there.
Is there more than 15 people doing doubles?
Am I the only person who learnt 1.5 flips first?
Would longer cranks help? Everyone I’ve seen do them has 140’s and i have 125’s

Nice work on the Double backflips

I dont know if longer cranks would help caouls even though you can get more force on the cranks they have to xpin around maore and w/ shorter cranks you cant put as much spin/force on the but they dont have to go around as much I think its just a personal preference thing

PS are you one of the guys off OWA?

They were double fronts not backs, dont know where you got that from. Thanks anyway. Nope im not in OWA.

ok my mistake

Nah i landed my first 1.5 flip in a drop in about april now i do them flat…
Nice work on the *double :smiley:

Damn! You get better every time i see you. Good job on the doubles man!

Are you coming to the museum on sunday?


No I dont think I am.

Here’s a vid of a double flip. Its not very clean, it was one of my first attemps before it started raining.

amen to that Maximus, about the getting better part anyway.

You’re getting too good luke,


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thats cool, I am pretty sure thats a 1.5 flip though. You start with your left foot forward and land with it back.

yeah / for me it looks like he land whit the one he started whit down (test super slow on vlc or something) Still he said it wasn’t that clean one :roll_eyes:

I didn’t land with my left foot back. It was a 1 and 3/4 and i thought that counted, anyway heres a better one.