Lance says "Its not the Bike"

But his bike is 24K gold plated.

I’m just saying.

Lance should prove how much of a badass he is by riding the tour on a unicycle. He would be my god if he could even complete it. I’d make a temple in his honor.

gold is friggin heavy, why would he 24k gold plate his bike?

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

because hes special

I dont think he would have a gold b*ke.Gold colored Maybe.

Jean-Marie LeBlanc says “It’s the race that makes the champion, not the champion making the race”.

I don’t think riders like him don’t need such nonsense.
Especially not if displayed in the same newsshows that shows about Dafur and Bangladesh.

There’s a bottom end weight limit for all bikers’ bikes in the Tour de France. Your bike must weight at least 14.96lbs. They probably had it down to about 14.95, and decided to “pimp his ride”. Also, to gold plating is no more than 10 atoms thick, so the weight additions would be negligable. Also, weight isn’t neccessarily that big of a deal. If you can win with a 6 minute lead, 3 pounds added to your bike is not going to be the difference between a win and a loss. He honestly is good enough to win ethier way. Just some food for thought.

i imagine the saddle would be uncomfortable gold plated

Seems like I heard somewhere that gold leaf is soooo thin, you could take one ounce of gold and flatten it to cover a football field. So I don’t think it added much weight.

Lance da Man! I think he could win 8 or 9 TdF in a row. If he rode unicycles, he’d have a gold plated Coker (or Blueshift).

In that case the processing will be more costly than than the gold is.

Yes, but why? It would create terrible condensation underneath; the grass would be deprived of sunlight, and unable to photosynthesise; in night time matches, the floodlights would reflect into the eyes of the spectators, and the cameramen would have serious problems correcting the exposure; finally, it would tear under the studs of the football boots, and all the sharp edges might be a hazard. This is the worst idea I have ever seen in this forum.

Well, in the past years we’ve seen what some horses do when they see +/- 200 x 2 x 32 (or nowedays less) spokes are shining in the French sun… they ran straight into the peleton!
Will see if I can capture some old video of it.

So even on the last day of the Tour risky.

Yes, but at least David Beckham might then have an excuse for kicking the ball over the bar…