Lancaster Juggling Convention

Hi there,

Here is a reminder, this weekend coming it is the Lancaster Juggling Convention
at Lancaster Unicersity.

I know that there should be space for quite a bit of unicycling, especially if
the weekend has good weather. We have provisionally got hockey with Rocket, and
a whole pile of workshops including (if can I can pursade him to do it again)
Max’s fantastic “juggling on a unicycle” workshop that went down so well in
Edinburgh. So don’t forget your uni’s and hockey sticks!

Oh there will be loads of juggling going on aswell… I know that there will be
acts and workshops by Rod Laver (you should have seen him as Durham, Fantastic -
how does he get all those balls in his mouth?) there will also be the multy
talented Jim and Anna of Cosmos (don’t know exactly what they are up to but
whereever they are, they are fantastic). The other name I recognised from the
list was that of Tarim, he does loads of Juggling things… Anyway you can read
all about it your selves at:

See you there



                      Stockton, North East England

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