lalalalal...Air pressure

Hey guys, and gals!

Love the site,
came accrost it a few days ago, the next day I bought a uni from a local bike shop. Not sure of the make or what not, didn’t really care!

you can check some of the picture out at:

First off let me say - this isn’t the easest sport to learn!!

I race motorcycles:
And that sport is 10 times easer than riding a Unicycle!

I also jump out of airplanes, ride mountain bikes, and go to the gym every now and again. and Unicycling is the single hardest sport - hobby I have every tried!

Ok, on to my question((make sure you read this far, please!)

As you can see I have a knobby tire… its a 2.5 incher… Max air pressure with a 320 lbs person on it is 40lbs of air… What air pressure should I be running in the tire to learn? Is lower easer to learn with , or a harder tire?..

Any other tips would be great, been reading lots, but any help is great. Um, the balancing is hard… right now I envy anyone that can ride a Uni!

LAter LAter,

Put in 30 pounds and that should be fine for learning. Find a fence or wall to lean against while you’re learning and you’ll have it in no time. Good luck. :slight_smile:

My guess would be that higher preasure would be easier to learn with.

As to being slightly frustrated with how hard it is to ride, don’t worry about it, that phase is normal, and will pass in time. Just practice a little (or a lot :)) everyday, and before you know it, you will be riding as far as you want :-D.

whatever you do DO NOT GIVE UP, I hate it when people give up before they really know how to ride. There aren’t many tips I can give you, it would be like giving someone who had never walked tips on how to do it. hang onto a wall or person untill you can go for a while that way, then use the wall to start, and ride on your own. Then, after you can ride a very long ways, you can start working on freemounting. good luck, and have fun!

dont worry about mounting for now just learn to ride then learn to mount and when you get to that stage static mounting is easier then rollback mounting so start with static mounting

dude props to you learning on a 2.5inch tire… thats seems like it would be much harder…


I have two friends who bought really weird unis when they started - 2.5" Luna tires on Alex DM32 rims with Yuni-style frames, Savage seats, the worst quick adjust seatpost clamp in history and a horrible hub.

Both of them picked it up remarkably quickly. I think (based on an admittedly small sample size) that riding with the wide cross-section of the Luna gave them a bit more balance, and helped them learn.

so yeah, I don’t think the type of uni you’re riding really makes much of a difference when you’re learning (okay, yeah, if you’ve got a Coker or … a 58" wheel with 89’s on it, that’s hard, but that’s a special case). It just makes certain things easier, and someone who can barely ride a revolution is hardly concerned with hopping!

with my expeariance ( I know its spelled wrong) if you practice on a wall you start getting used to leaning to one side what i did was straped 2 parallel beams from my basement roof and would try sliding my hands across them as i rode by doing this I was able to go 12 feet in about 2 days good luck

Put your weight on the seat. Thats the biggest advice you can have that you didnt get already.

Hey guys - gals!

Thanks for the tips! I’m slowly getting better! I gave myself a week to get the balancing down… I got 3 more days… lets see how well I do…

anyways, I’m sure this question has been asnwered many times…

How High or low should the seat be? my leg is slightly bent when the peddle is all the way down with my heal on it… for learning should it be a bit lower?..

Thanks for all the tips.

For learning you want your seat to be high enough so when your pedal is at its lowest point your leg should be slightly bent, not quite total straight. This way your knees wont have to work as hard and you wont tire yourself out as fast.

Re: lalalalal…Air pressure

Try juggling.

A higher seat height is easier for learning and easier for road riding and easier for freestyle riding.

Lower seat height is used for trials and muni to get more room above the seat for jumping and absorbing drops and bumps. A lower seat height does make it harder to pedal and is harder on your knees. But for muni and trials the lower seat height is what you have to do.

To set the seat height for learning and for freestyle and road riding:
-Get near a wall or hallway for support
-Put both heels on the pedals
-Put the seat as high as you can such that you can still pedal in a complete circle without rocking your hips
-If you want you can lower the seat a few millimeters from that height but don’t go much lower

When you ride normally you’ll have the balls of your feet centered over the pedals. With the balls of your feet over the center of the pedals the seat height will be just right.

Re: Re: lalalalal…Air pressure

hahaha… Little do you know!..

juggling is much easer to learn that a uni is. Can only do 3 objects tho, 4 is to hard.

I’ll see if i can take a picture…

5 minutes have passed an instead of editing the post I kept it open, and attached the picture!

Pretty soon you’ll be selling motorcycles to buy unis… beware! :stuck_out_tongue:

A knobby on pavement for learning – higher air pressure. This helps you turn better.

A slick on pavement for learning – lower air pressure. This slows the wheel down a little.

The hard tire pressure sure makes a huge difference!

I’m also working really hard on getting all my weight onto the seat!

thanks again.

I disagree with the suggestion that you focus on getting your weight onto the seat. I think you’ve got enough to worry about just staying on the thing. The weight-on-the-seat issue will take care of itself soon enough as time goes by. The only consequence of not having your weight on the seat is that your legs will get tired fast. But if you can stay on long enough for your legs to get tired, then you’re already past the hard part.

In some cases it keeps you from staying on the thing. Agree, it depends on the person, but still, when learning you should focus on having all weight in the seat. Otherwise a LOT time goes by without any progress.

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I meant 4 (clubs).
Learning to juggle 3 balls is easier than unicycling.

You seem pretty muscular. My guess is that learning will be easier for you - at least you shouldn’t have to suffer from the head-to-toe soreness.

lol, the closest i’ve come to head to toe soreness was went i UPD in a field of goats heads (the prickles that are like 3 thumbtack spikes)

I wear shoes when unicycling now…