lake district

Yeah so im off to lake district with the family in october time thinking of taking my uni (well my new one and old one) anyone know of any good places my first time up there going to be great =]

cheers guys

Have a look at a Mountain bike guide for the area, there are some classic routes at all kinds of distances. What kind of riding do you like - Cross country? easy scencic? big hills? maybe with family along on bikes or are you just into bouncing on rocks?

I live in the Lake District there are loads of spots if you’re coming up for muni stuff, just check all the bike trails and bits around the area there’s quite a large area to explore

I’ve spent some time in the Lakes, but never with a unicycle.

The Lake District is like this:

  • Lots of big flat areas of water, totally unsuitable for any but the most intrepid unicyclist.
  • Some of the big areas of water hare fairly heavily built around, and are tourist honeypots - not nice riding. I'm thinking here if Windermere.
  • Low level paths around the edges of the water. These will probably be mainly rideable. [LIST]
  • Some rivers with wild banks you could ride down,
  • Very steep sided hills that will on the whole be far to steep to ride up and often too steep to ride down.
  • Some flat or domed hill tops where there could be plenty of riding - but it can be cold and exposed.
  • Some ridges and edges where only a very confident unicyclist should ride - and that would involve lots of walking.
  • Lovely quiet lanes meandering over the hill tops.
  • Some gently rolling farmland. [/LIST]

    If I were to take a unicycle to the Lake District, I would probably do most of my riding low level around the waters and meres. There are some cycle tracks and some “off piste” too.

    You could carry the uni up a hill and ride down. From memory, I’d say about half the descent from Scafell Pike is rideable.

    Today’s quiz: how many lakes are there in the Lake District?

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