Lairg to Cape Wrath on a muni

Hi everyone

This is my first post! I am new here so forgive me if this has been covered somewhere else in this forum (I did a search but couldn’t find any info). Have any of you ever been up to Cape Wrath in Scotland on a muni before and do they have any experience they would like to share about their trip? I’d like to take my 29" up there in the summer, possibly next year and do a round trip from Lairg to Cape Wrath and back again. I think there would be some good tracks up there that would be fun to ride (with a lightweight tent, stove etc.) I’d have to get clearance from the family first!:slight_smile: My son is 8 and he rides a little 20" like a demon already but he is just too small to take along just yet on a long trip!

I only learnt to ride a uni this summer and am really loving it. No tricks or anything like that - just enjoy riding around the woods and on dirt tracks etc.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


Hi Tom…Try these guys… hope they can help. Good luck with the trip when you do it and
good luck.
Have fun, Joseph.

Thanks Joseph. I shall check them out. Best wishes. Tom