laid back street vid. 4min 10mb

hello everyone,

i have made a pretty cool little internet video for all the street riders here. it has a little bit of reused footage but its been re-edited into a 4min video.

i made the vid because

  1. i just bought new shoes and they are sexy (etnies are cool)
  2. i have all this footy lying around. its not very big so its not really good enough to put in a real video. (post defect)
  3. lastly, i am getting into hip hop and scribe is a bomb digity yo rapper from NZ. and also how well my riding goes with some laid back beats.

here is the video, enjoy
street vid. music by scribe


Enjoyed the video! I had a couple of good laughs and I suppose after watching it, that being older isn’t so bad in some respects. At least in my shape and my age, I’m not going to be trying some of those.

The crankflip body varial was so clean!

Some of those shots were better than th street in Defect…

You own alex, Keep up the crazyness.

Awesome video! I wish I could get the 360 down…or even just a full rev crankflip. you’re really good, man.


Damn, son! Your street moves are SICK! You’re definitely raising the bar for street riding… your flips and spins are so fresh, so clean. When will there be a Tomsey street riding clinic / camp? I’d fly out in a heartbeat if you could teach your Jedi skills to us. Nevertheless, I will incorporate your videos into my training.

Hear, hear!


dang… i can’t watch it

is anyone else here on a Mac w/ OS X tiger, or even panther, having trouble viewing WMV videos on the new gallery?
A few months ago in the old one i could see them fine, but now i can only watch the quicktime ones…

if someone has downloaded it could you IM me w/ it or sumthin?



wow… you guys are good


Can someone send it via e-mail to darchibald_4(@), I have trouble with the new gallery. Thanks.


shit son haha that flip over the 4 or 5 stair was so sick men… thats sickness ur awesome on the technyness also and this is probably the first time I say this but ur song was awesome for the riding

your 360 unispins are really clean. nicely done man for real. and those grinds blow my mind.

That’s one of the very best street-videos i’ve ever seen!
Those things are ment ot be impossible! :wink:

You’re a pioneer, that’s for sure!

that was probably the top street video ive seen. How long have you been riding?

Awesome video!! I noticed when your doing your unispins that use only one hand to spin them? Do you only do that when you do them with a rolling hop or all the time? Im having enough trouble with 360 unispins with 2 hands.

i just download them… i can’t stream wmvs very well.

and dude, that was some kick-awesome riding there! it’s inspiring!


I love those one hand spins, so smooth. Cant wait until you guys put another DVD out. Looks like Im going to have to push my riding just a little bit harder again. Very sweet stuff, great to see you guys up there with the americans.


Great seat-in one handed unispin stuff, I’m working on those right now and having a booger of a time with it.

I liked the half rev grind half rev too.

To watch the video on a Mac, go to the window where you see the movie, then right click where it says “download movie,” and drag down to “Download Linked File.”

That was some amazing street riding. I especially liked the body varial crankflip and the unispins while jumping onto ledges.