Laguna Niguel, CA unicycle ride

We are having a summer evening
unicycle ride this Sunday at 5:00 in Laguna Niguel on a new and awesome
trail. We will begin at the end of Talavera Drive. To get there from San
Juan or Dana Point take Del Avion all the way until it turns into Pacific
Island. Stay on that and go up the hill. Make a left on Talavera and you
will see the trail at then end of the street. We will have ice cream
before the ride so be ready. The trails are pretty easy and have amazing
views and fun areas to ride on. The ride will be over by 6:30 Call me with
any questions at 949-981-9033.

Need Directions from Anaheim

I will be in town on Saturday September 20th.
I would like to ride with someone this route in the a.m.

I’ll really try my best to make it. I have to start a pretty big piano restringing job tomorrow morning at 7am! :astonished: Normally don’t work Sundays, but this is an exception. It’s about a 5 hour job just to prep it before stringing, so if I’m not to tired (lol) I will be there!:slight_smile:

I’ll be there. I took the day off work to go to this. I will also bring a few friends.

You better not be two tired :smiley: JK

Haha I’ll try! So you normally work as late as 5pm at the beach on Sundays?

look forward to seeing you guys!

they scheduled me till 6 today and i worked until 7 yesterday (8 hours)