Ladies and Gentlemen: May I Present

Mrs Sofa !!!


edit: Check out that grin!!!

That is so cool. Way to go Leeanne!! You’re already better than Brian. And you’ve got mooooo-cow pads.

Nice work! Today, across the gym. Tomorrow, …

Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: May I Present

Way to Wobble to the Music!

Note: The above link is to a 4.5 MB Quicktime Movie. It took my 56k 20 minutes to download but worth the wait.


When I tried to view the clip, it was all distorted and leaning to the side. Sound was good, but couldn’t tell anything from the video. Any idea why it didn’t work for me.

I wanna see Mrs. Sofa ride! :frowning:

I’ve had a similar problem with some other clips.


hmm, i would try un/reinstalling Quick Time first


Reinstalling Quicktime worked. Thanks!

Mrs. Sofa - Congratualtions on a mighty fine ride!

Good selection for music.


I can’t wait to post the same video of my wife. For some reason the wives just don’t find the time to practice that we do. I bet you are really happy. I would love it if my wife could ride by NAUCC 2004.

Mrs Sofa! Way to go girlfriend, you rock!