lacing patterns?!?

do i want to use a 3 or 4 cross pattern on my 19" street uni?

i think its 3 cross for 36 spokes and 4 cross for 48 spokes. correct me if im wrong though.

3 cross. at 4 on such a small wheel (if nothing else) you get into some weird angles and have the spokes put pressure on the hub flanges, sometimes cutting into them.

ya thats what i thought but somewhere it recomended 4 cross for smaller wheels

I use a 4 cross under the 4th spoke lacing for my 48 hub rim/hub. Works perfectly.

I was gonna use a 4 cross under the third, over the 4th lacing but decided it was too much of a hassle to bend the spokes enough to get it under the 3rd.

If you have a 36 hole rim/hub, do the 3-cross.