Laced my first rim!!!!!!

I got my Koxx1 140mm cranks and hub on the weekend and took my old rim apart and re-laced it to the koxx hub. It was much easier than I had expected and I followed Sheldon (Wheels) Browns tutorial. I will post pictures later. I am sure that this isn’t really exciting to most people, but I did save myself about $40.00 in shop labor, so that rocks.

good job, I should really learn to do that, what tools did you have to use?

I just used a screwdriver and a spoke wrench. Once you get the rim strip off, you can unscrew all the nipple with a flat head screwdriver.

I need to tighten the spokes on my 28" unicycle.

I wouldnt imagine that trueing a wheel would be as difficult as lacing one. Do I just tighten the spokes that feel loose?

not that simple, but if the rim is bent a little to the right you would tighten the spokes on the left a quarter turn just where its bent though. thats a very very breif tutorial

Excuse my ignorance, but what is “lacing a rim”? (Yeah,proper grammar.)

it’s when you take the rim and put spokes and a hub on it.

Go to the Articles section or just google sheldon brown. The article that I used goes into great detail on trueing. AND NO, lacing is not good grammar, it should be wheel building, I just expected everyone here to know what I was talking about.