Laced Dominator 2 29" Rim with cranks

Hi all,

I used the frame, seat, tire/tube, and pedals of my Nimbus 29" Road Unicycle to build an electric-assist unicycle. As a result, I now have a laced 29" Dominator 2 Rim with cranks attached. The cranks are Nimbus Venture 125 mm cranks. I’m asking $75 + shipping or I’ll bring it to you in the tri-state area (Eastern Philadelphia/NYC/NJ). If you want just the rim/spokes/hub without the cranks, I’m asking $60 + shipping. Please let me know if these prices seem unfair.


I did ride on this rim before I took the unicycle apart for about 100 miles, so very slightly used.

What is the hub or bearing width ? Thanx

The hub is the hub the Nimbus 29" Road ships with:

The bearings are the standard 42x22mm and the width is 100mm bearing center to bearing center.

What about your project?

Haha I’m working on a build thread/video but waiting until it stops raining to test it out. I’ll post about it sometime this week. For now, here’s the build thread:

rim only

PM sent