Lace Up Ankle Braces?

I saw a lace up type ankle brace at Walmart in their sports section yesterday, and remember seeing some of those types sold at

Do these lace up types (that you wear under your shoe) offer great protection from ankle rolling?

The package says it does the same thing as an ankle wrapped in a tension bandage…would an ankle wrapped in a tension bandage not roll in a uni wipeout, where an unwrapped one would? (in most cases)

I got the 661 lace-up kind from unicycledotcom. The crank nubs were eating my ankles. But apparently, they still are eating my ankles but I couldn’t feel them through the ankle brace, because a few days ago the hard piece of plastic in it caught on the nubs and got ripped out. I duct-taped it back in, but duct tape doesn’t stick too well to fabric.

Originally posted by Sofa:
>Do these lace up types (that you wear under your shoe) offer great protection from ankle rolling?

Sure. Of course it depends on the conception of the product. But I have a pair of ‘‘Aso’’ ankles protection (medical style: lace up + 3 Velcro bandages), and you could hardly harm your ankles when wearing those.

The only problem with these type of protection (and the reason why I no longer wear mine), is that it can weaken your ankles if you wear it every time you ride. (This is not applicable to the 661s, because they don’t offer as much support.) The easy solution is to wear it only when it’s really necessary. The best would be to work on strengthening and stretching those ankles.

Hey Sofa, I do not know if you have already bought a pair or not but here is my two cents. I am currently using a pair made by Sweedo. They are called “anlkle lok”. They have a flexable triangular shaped insert on both sides and the material itself is a vinyl a believe. It offers very good turn over resistance and pretty good forward resistance which is what I got them for. Here is the link to the manufactures page I believe that the optional inserts that they refer to are the the plastic inserts that I am refering to. I got them in Toronto at a pharmacy/medical supply store for $50.00. I have used them twice so far and they seem to do what I got them to do. I compressed my right ankle on a bad landing and ever since it bothers me every ride. I know I should just stop and strengthen them but I am stupid. Before I got them I could not even do a 2 foot drop. Now the rest is up to my mind.

Hope this helps, Wayne.

Good to know, thanks…I haven’t gotten any yet

I have a pair of the 661 laceups which also have plastic inserts. They work well for protecting you ankles from getting banged up by the unicycle and foreign objects. My original hope was that they would help my ankles from rolling which they don’t help with much at all. Hight top shoes/boots work just as well if not better.


Sofa, check out my review of the 661 Race Brace Pro ankles on your review site.

although since reviewing them they have started to rip (my fault really (ripping them on pedals)) but they’re still fine and im just gonna sow them up:D


I saw your review, gingerfreak, those particular ones seemed to have way more protection than the one I was looking at, I didn’t think they would work the same.

i imagine they do offer alot more support but they are still really comfortable and i don’t think they could offer more support without becoming uncomfortable (if you get what im saying).

Basically they’re great and if you need ankle supports at all i think you should invest in some quality ones that offer maximum support without uncomfortableness. but if you dont have trouble with your ankles and you just want a lttle bit of support then go for the walmart ones as the 661s are pricey! ive only got one for my one bad ankle :roll_eyes: i really should get another one for my other ankle.

anyway i hope whatever you do get does the job:p


You do notice that you are wearing the Sweedo’s. But I would not say that they are uncomfortable so much as restrictive. Of course that is what they are designed to do. I do notice when I first put them on I feel the plastic inserts on my ankles a bit. There is a cut out for the ankle bone but I guess when I first put them on they are kind of misssaligned. Once I am riding it has been fine though. I am embarressed to say that I wear both high tops and the ankle braces. I have had at least 50 sprains between both my ankles over the years, way before I began uncycling. As far as ankle rub from pedals, I have never felt that. I did not always wear high tops either. The ankle braces would definately eliminate that. I also find that my knee/shin guards (661 and Kris Holm) pretty well protect me from any contact from the pedals.