LA Uni Meetup & "Holiday ride"

Hey everyone, Just want to introduce you to this Los Angeles Unicycle Meetup if your in the area and looking to connect with fellow riders,

it’s starting small but hopefully will expand into something great! Hoping to meet more of ya’ll soon!

We also have a Facebook group for local riders @

And lastly thank you to Chuck Tourdot for organizing the first annual “Holiday ride” December 5th in Palos Verdes Ca. Come on down if you can! (Dec 5th in Palos Verdes Ca) (info can be found in the links)

Me & Augie did a super fun “trial run” for our first annual group ride, coming up 12/5/15! Hope you’ll join us. First part is the Palos Verdes downhill MUni ride, with a few pics from that below. This is the perfect trail for all skill levels.

It was a fantastic MUni meetup today, with a big thanks to Chuck Tourdot & Martyn Heller Tourdot for organizing it, and also provided food & drink afterwards! Six of us in attendance, with old riding buddies as well as new. From left to right: Bill, Perry, Rob, Terry, Augie and Sean. :slight_smile: