LA Roundup Video 6-3-06

Man what a FUN day! The SBUni club and I kicked off the day at 8am with a great morning Muni ride down “Hummingbird” trail. Although we had an early start, it wasn’t long before the temp hit the century mark! Still, the group executed some amazing moves, only a fraction of which I was able to capture on the video which is linked below.

After the ride, we somehow managed to wedge all of our Munis and considerable gear into two cars parked at the bottom shuttle point, then off we went to the LA Roundup location at Balboa Park, in the Los Angeles area. I was surprised at just how many MORE Uni enthusuiasts were already there, having opted out of the preliminary Muni excursion. Thanks to John Long (vivalargo) and the SB muni club for inviting me along, and a big thanks also to Rod Wiley (teachindad) for making my first time at the roundup so enjoyable and memorable!

Here’s the video- I slapped it together kinda fast and pieced together all I had…I was having so much fun riding that I didn’t get to shoot as much video as I wanted to. Hope you enjoy what you see! Now it’s off to dreamland as I only had 3.5 hours sleep last night! :astonished:

awsome dude! this is only once a year?

i was thinking about comming :frowning:

Yeah, the “roundup” part of it, but the SB guys (and a girl!) pretty much ride muni on a weekly basis.

ooooo i need to get some info on this, i might be comming to california soon.

Great, varied video, Terry. A refreshing change in background music, too.

Thanks for that. I was too tired and my music library too limited to have a big choice, so I got those two Nirvana mp3s off the web and thought…yeah why not.

That kid in the orange/yellowish hemet is awesome:)
It is cool to have a ride then come home and have the video already posted.

I aim to please! :sunglasses:


I had a blast, guys. Thanks everyone!

Man it was hot! As we were leaving, i saw a bunch of girls with Super Soaker water guns…wouldnt that have been nice. We need cheerleaders with super soakers! Rod, you up to organizing that?:wink:


From what I’ve heard, there might be (let’s hope!) ANOTHER “roundup” coming this November, which would be great not only to have TWO in the same year, but November should prove MUCH cooler! :slight_smile:

Nice Video Terry