LA Muni Roudup - Devil's Slide

The usual suspects showed up to take a trip down Devil’s Slide. This junket was significant because we premiered a hush-hush, multi-ply 29er DH tire (mounted on a yellow ‘07 KH 29er) and we all took turns bashing down the “Slide” in what Rabbi Rock (Eyal A.) called a “genuine Cadillac.” 29er tech Muni is now a reality but it’s gonna take a lot more than one run down Devil’s Slide to dial in the technique. The first shot is of Mango (on the 29er) cleaning a difficult section. The speed you can carry on that beast is scary - it can get away from you in half a revolution.







That was a lot of fun, that last pic of Cody is really cool.

I’m envious of you guys.

thats awesome.

i wish that my friends were good enough to do anything like that. some of my friends ride, but none are good enough to really go anywhere to do anything with, they just ride.

Always a pleasure riding with you cool cats…mad props to Cody for pulling off that death defying stunt!

that was really fun, even though i didnt get to do the trail.

thanks Rod!

Nice Going!

Nice riding and nice Pictures guys! I am waiting for more news on that new 29" tire! Eyal it is great to read about you!


Hey John, txs for getting those pixs up so quick and good to see you and all others out there yesterday!

fellas, it’s always a pleasure riding with you all! John, I think you’ve got me hooked on the 29er!

edit: Crap, my pita chips didn’t make it into the group shot!