La Mujercita (the Little Woman)

Hey all,

Fun little video with a Fun little woman.–Ngyo8

This movie is a bit more on the artsy side, mostly dancing… tho it surely still is a uni movie. Got my first crank flip on film in this one…Enjoy.

That was… different. But I liked it. Congrats on the crankflip.:wink:

I liked it. It’s artistic.

And the music’s great.

nice video!!

it´s cool to see videos that are all about unicycling and “oh my god I`m so good!!”

really liked it…


Thanks guys.

Yea it gave me something to do with the girlfriend, insted of the usual her being bored while I ride.:smiley:


Wow, I actually logged in especially to comment on this vid, thats impressive:p

That was really cool. Really artistic and well made. Kinda hard to put into words exactly what it was about it that made it so good. Keep it up:)

Thanks, I think you just made my day:D
Thats exactly the feeling I was hoping to give people. I hope it makes ya wanna dance

Different, but I liked it:)

Get her on a uni :roll_eyes:

We put this great “different” video now also online on utv.
I had really fun while watching it, nice video, nice tricks and a nice girl :slight_smile:

I didn’t like it.
I loved it! Very playful… cool music. Artistic. For a change its good to use a fixed camera… its like time lapse.
Its suspenseful how you slowly work up the dancing.

Is this a teaser for a bigger video, or is that it? Cuz it feels like youre just getting started.

Ive gotten her on a couple of times, shes does it more to spend time with me, she isnt really motivated to learn, yet…

Thanks for getting it up on utv, glad you liked it.

Had me goin there, haha. Thanks glad you enjoyed it. Well I guess you cold say all of my videos thus far have been teasers…

As of right now my film making skills surpass my ridding by far. I do plan on gettin my hands dirty and making a full length movie or few. I am in the process of High Defenitioning all my equipment and hittin the road(maybe air) for some traveling. So any of you that think you have what it takes to be in a big time video…PM me. It wont happen right away, tho I am working with some sponsors and hope to be in production before 2008.

that’s a cool video, nice moves.

that was fun.

well done, its good to see somthing diffrent.

bye bye

i liked the video
really fun to watch

but the little woman was taller than you ?

i liked the dancing, pretty kool.

…haven’t been around here in a while.

So, 6 years I spent with this girl. Guess this is where the story ends… I’m not quite ready to expose my broken heart with rest of the world yet… thought the unicycling community could be my vent for now.

Sorry for my lack of videos, everyone. I am riding again and will hopefully get to film.

P.S miss you guys.

Hi agentQ!

Thanks to your last post i had the chance to see the video too (wouldn’t have found this old thread otherwise)

Great video, absolutely loved it (POV, tricks, dancing, music, et.c etc.)

Definitely want to see miore.



Seriously not the best reason to find you back here but this video is still outstanding and never reached from its increadible spirit. Can’t wait to see someth9ing new from you.

Sorry to hear :frowning:

Looking forward to a new video, you make the best videos.

Thanks guys,

Hey Luke… hows a bout you send me some footy, and I edit up a little colab?