LA Marathon anyone?

It’s this Monday and the bike riders start first at 5am. I’m seriously thinking of entering…fir the fun of it, if anything! Lots of media attention no doubt. :smiley:
You can only now register in person either Saturday or Sunday. What a hoot it would be! :sunglasses:

I’m not saying this isn’t a crazy idea, but if I were a 53 year old guy with a Coker who lived withing spitting distance of LA, well, I know where I’d be on Monday.

Actually, I priced flights to LAX just for grins. Not gonna happen for me this weekend.

How much does it cost to register? I’d do it in a heartbeat if it costs less than 20 bucks, but I think it costs much, much more.

It’s $40 for the Bike tour, and might be a late fee as well since online registration is closed. The thing that’s going to be tough is the start time of 5am! For me that means getting up at least 3am to have enough time to prepare and get to the starting line.

Too bad I didn’t see this thread before I went. Would have loved to hook up with a few other unicyclists.

I went on the Acura ride Monday on my Coker, which I got about 1 1/2 months ago, and it was a blast. My longest ride previous to that was about 10 miles, so this was over double of that. Wasn’t sure I’d make it to the end, but I did it in about 2 hours 45 minutes.

So Terry, I would have never kept up with you.

I got there pretty early (3:30 am) and was near the front of the pack. Despite being passed by thousands (i.e., virtually everyone, while keeping a pace of about 7-9 mph), I didn’t see another unicyclist, although I could have easily missed a few. Lot’s of curious folks (“how big is that wheel?”, “how long did it take to learn to ride that”, etc.).

The best parts were a) the 40 or so frat boys at about the midway point manning some sort of table who gave a large, very loud roar as I cycled past there area (they couldn’t be drunk at that hour, could they?) and b) passing about half the bicyclists when going up each of the short few hills there were. It was pretty flat.

Next year, I’ll probably go again, but try it with cranks shorter than the 150s I currently have.

Definitely worth the $$ and getting up at an ungodly hour.


Hey Loren,
Thanks for posting your experience at LA Marathon.
I have been thinking of doing this on my Coker for past 3 years but didn’t know of other Cokeurs to ride with. Perhaps I can join you next year?
Shoot me an email! leadpan (at) g mail (dot) com